It constitutes the unique Fashion Incubator - Cluster in Greece. Created in 2016 to respond to the need for a Metropolitan Fashion Centre, which will promote the Greek Fashion and its talents outside the borders of the country, giving step to innovation, cooperation, fair competition and extroversion.

The emergence of new talented Fashion Designers and the promotion of Greek Fashion abroad is through the development of entrepreneurship, the connection between education and the labor market and the infrastructure provision in support of the new professional's first attempts at the beginning of his business.

The structure of the 'Cell' of Fashion 'TheFashionGate' provides hospitality for the new Entrepreneur of Fashion andphysical space for his products, Business development through specific training program and promotion of his collections to buyers inside and outside Greece. It concerns all those involved in the clothing, accessories, footwear and fashion products in general.

The new Fashion Incubator starts operation and welcomes the first Designers from May 1, 2016 at the request completion.