Until now it has been shown that the greatest need of Fashion Designers community is education associated with entrepreneurship. It is common for most educational fashion programs at private colleges and universities do not include any kind of entrepreneurship education.

The designers graduating from various fashion schools only with knowledge to work as employees. They know how to design, but do not know how to start and create their own Brand. Most fashion designers may have their own design lines, but does not know basic things about purchasing, invoicing, creating brand (branding), the strategic positioning in the market, product promotion techniques (marketing), costing the collection, optical product promotion or otherwise visual merchandising (visual merchandising) etc .

Simultaneously other needs generated for the new Fashion Designers before they operate commercially. There is a need for them to have a physical place to house their collections, in other words a business area with assistance benefits in their first at least steps to promote their products to buyers and at the same time be guided safely in creation of a business model, sustainable and competitive in the Greek and International market.

With attitude of responsibility to a problem and an opportunity at the same time for our country's talents, Evangelos Dimitrakopoulos and Mary Vytinidou created the first and only nationwide Athens Fashion Business Incubator "The Fashion Gate", namely the first “Fashion Incubator” hosting and develop new business Designers categories of apparel, accessories, jewelry and footwear.


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