Special Workshops

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During the program, Special Workshops conducted by specialized collaborators of The Fashion Gate.

The Workshops will be announced on a monthly basis and will be able to watch and non-members of Fashion Gate. The topics concerning students, Fashion Schools graduates and Fashion Professionals seeking specialization in a subject of their work such as:

  • Wearable Technology, 3-D Printing and Smart Materials Lab
  • Analysis and Study of the International Fashion Trends through Trend Forecasting Agencies
  • Fabric Technology and Contemporary Materials
  • Legal and Copyright for Designers
  • International Marketing and Entrepreneurship 
  •  Fashion Show planning
  • Styling Campaign
  • Photoshoting with a Team
  • Editorials
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Networking with the Market
  • International Material Suppliers 
  • Première Vision Paris
    And much more.

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