Showroom and Co-working Space

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The AFBI "The Fashion Gate" is located in an area of 250 square meters on the 1st and 2nd floor in a building at George Street 10, in the city center of Athens.

Basic service to the new Designer so called ''Designer-in-Residence'' is the hospitality of the educational activity during the stay at the The Fashion Gate program, and its function as a designer with the ability to create and sampling collections to buyers.

On the first floor are located the Sewing room, an office available for meetings with clients and potential buyers and a conference room for the training of the ''Designers-in-Residence''. On the second floor are located the Showroom for all new Designers with their own sampling 

More specifically:

Showroom which functions as an exhibition space of Designer collections for presentations to potential buyers, or as a part brainstorming and inspiration for discussions with other ''Designers-in-Residence'' for the next great idea. Each designer exposes his/her own collection on a stand or if it comes to designer accessories on his/her own display case.

Room 50 sqm, a training laboratory and clothing construction.

Pattern and fabric cutting table with dimensions 3,2x2 m.

Drawing tables.

Twelve (12) Brother sewing machines for production or educational use.

Professional sewing equipment, sewing Brother and Brother 5-thread overlock machine in where the designers can produce prototypes and samples of their collections.

Ironing facilities.

Two large workbenches.

Dressmaking mannequins.

Data Projector for education.

Space for fabric and clothes storage.

Office properly equipped for appointments with buyers.

Interner connection.

Photo studio for creating Lookbook of their collections.

Make-up Studio for preparing models for photoshooting.

Large conference room 80 sq.m. for conducting educational programs that can attend members AFBI "The Fashion Gate".


Technical Support

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In parallel to educational courses of the Entrepreneurship Development of the Designer-in-Residence, there is the opportunity to design and create the whole collection in the space of "The Fashion Gate" as the whole logistical equipment and the necessary skilled staff is provided.

All Designer-in-Residence are to have full access to the rooms of Pattern Cutting, Sewing, Drawing as well as to the Photo and Make-up-Artist Studio with the assistance of the special collaborators of “The Fashion Gate” for each subject.

Services for Professional Training include intensive seminars and Special Workshops such as:

  • Production Management.
  • Fashion Consulting.
  • Prototype Creation.
  • Study of new materials made to the functionality and suitability for a specific end use of the final product.
  • Sampling and Selection of fabrics from the local market or the International market.
  • Collection Photoshooting.
  • Analysis and Study of the International Fashion Trends.
  • Quality Specifications of Clothing.
  • On-line and Off-line Quality Control during Clothing Production.
  • Labeling of Apparel (care labels, eco labeling, size and synthesis labeling etc)
  • Administrative services.


Special Workshops

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During the program, Special Workshops conducted by specialized collaborators of The Fashion Gate.

The Workshops will be announced on a monthly basis and will be able to watch and non-members of Fashion Gate. The topics concerning students, Fashion Schools graduates and Fashion Professionals seeking specialization in a subject of their work such as:

  • Wearable Technology, 3-D Printing and Smart Materials Lab
  • Analysis and Study of the International Fashion Trends through Trend Forecasting Agencies
  • Fabric Technology and Contemporary Materials
  • Legal and Copyright for Designers
  • International Marketing and Entrepreneurship 
  • Fashion Show planning
  • Styling Campaign
  • Photoshoting with a Team
  • Editorials
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Networking with the Market
  • International Material Suppliers 
  • Première Vision Paris
    And much more.

Mentoring Program  

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After the program begins, each Designer-in-Residence chosen and selected by the Mentor in order to ensure the well completion as a Fashion Professional at the end of the program. Then, on a consistent basis, there are meetings and discussions with the Mentor on the progress of the new designer and the creation of the collection.

Mentors are focused on the guidance of the new designer and project completion through the valuable experience that can provide them. Mentors and participants develop the business strategy, the development of their products and the cooperation with the network of other professionals in the market that attempt.

All of The Fashion Gate collaborators are professionals who work with passion for everything new which are involved and feel great responsibility and satisfaction for the development of young people in the fashion industry.


Legal and Administrative Support

Legal Accounting

Provided Legal and Administrative Support Services from The Fashion Gate's partners network to the new entrepreneurs in the beginning of their own business.


Participation to International Trade Fairs and Promotion of the Collections

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 Participation to International Trade Fairs for the Promotion of the Collections to buyers

 Participation in Local and International Fashion weeks.

 Participation in Fashion events.

 Participation in contests.

 Promotion of each designer's Collection to buyers.

 Promotion of each designer's Collection through the "TheFashionGate" NEW DESIGNERS e-shops. 


Retail and Wholesale e-shop


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Anyone participating in the program wishes to promote his/her products (Collections) through online store, there is the possibility of selling through The Fashion Gate's special platform Retail or/and Wholesale at no cost for the first six months.


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