The main professional groups served by AFBI “The Fashion Gate” are fashion designers, aspiring entrepreneurs interested in the starting business in the fashion industry, and students or graduates of design schools. In addition to its residency and mentoring program, AFBI “The Fashion Gate” hosts public workshops and seminars on topics aimed to educating fashion designers and entrepreneurs on industry and business best practices. It collaborates with design schools on service projects. Additionally, the Athens Fashion Business Incubator “The Fashion Gate”, holds informational meetings and tours with schools, colleges, universities and private organizations interested in learning about the opportunities to launch a fashion business.

More specifically, the program of the Athens Fashion Business Incubator "The Fashion Gate" is designed and addressed to:

  • Fashion Schools Students wishing rapid growth.
  • Fashion Schools Graduates.
  • For those who want to do business in the field and at any level of the Value Chain of Apparel Industry.
  • For those who have a business idea and need guidance to develop it.
  • In SMEs, who understand the need for additional training and guidance in specific areas who do not know or they want to develop their existing business, either through the opening of new markets, either through the enrichment with new services and products.

 After the stage of completion the application, the selection criteria for each candidate include

  • Interview.
  • Portfolio presentation of ten(10) projects for Graduates Fashion Designers.
  • Presentation of five (5) integrated clothes for Fashion Designers.
  • Details in text on the identity and the inspiration of their collection.


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