• Do you have the vision to create your own Brand?
  • Have you already had completed your collection portfolio and need the means to the outputs?
  • Do you want to develop your collection and promote it to abroad?
  • Are you interested in I getting a subsidy for your business in your first steps?
  • The first Fashion “Cell” in Athens awaits you to grow Design and Business, to host your collections in your area to connect with Buyers abroad to find the initial capital for the start of business and promote your products internationally through a special e-shop platform.

Our business courses are designed to help you get the right roadmaps and tools to create a successful business. These classes help you focus on long-term growth and building sustainable practices in your business. Whether you’re looking for quality sourcing and manufacturing or want to create value in your business that attracts the right customers and press, these classes offer you premium education and worksheets that you can start using right away. 

The structure of the program leads to long-term growth and sustainable practices for a Fashion company and emphasizes the quality of materials, construction of robust products always in line with fashion trends, in order to create value in the business which consequently attracts the appropriate customers and publicity.

With the completion of the program, each Designer-in-Residence presents his/her collection, the collection is photographed, a Lookbook created and photos are displayed in the website of "The Fashion Gate" as well as in its new online store, theNew Designers e-shop,for promotion and selling to buyers.

Contact us and begin the process of applying to Athens Fashion Business Incubator “The Fashion Gate”.  


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