The Athens Fashion Business Incubator “The Fashion Gate” is located in a 2,250 square foot (250 square meter) on the 1st and 2nd floor at 10, George str. building in the city center of Athens. The space, was leased and funded exclusively by the Fashion Designer Maria Vytinidou to create this Fashion Entrepreneur Center. The Fashion Gate is comprised of a manufacturing workroom equipped with cutting tables, sewing machines, atelier, drawing room, and pressing positions where designers produce their sample collections. Each designer shares a private office equipped with computer and printer. A large room serves as a photo studio for photo shooting their collections and a sun-drenched multi-media room serves as a showroom for buyer presentations, or a place to hang out in and find inspiration about fashion’s next big idea. There is also a large room of lectures and educational programs which may attend the new designers – residences.