The Athens Fashion Business Incubator “The Fashion Gate” is a creation of the Fashion Designer Maria Vytinidou, CEO of the innovative Fashion School “AthensFashionClub” and Evangelos Dimitrakopoulos, Textile Engineer M. Sc. with long experience in the apparel and textile industry as well as in higher education as a Lecturer.  In 2015 they recognized the potential wide reach of Athens and generally the Greek fashion industry. "The fashion gate" is the only Fashion Incubator - Cluster in Greece. Created in 2016 to respond to the need for a Metropolitan Fashion Centre, which will promote the Greek Fashion and talents outside the country's borders giving to the new fashion designers step in innovation, cooperation, fair competition and extroversion. Realizing the significant impact that fashion has on the local economy, they envisioned fashion as a driver for job creation, cultural growth, trade development, and tourism.  Building on Greek’s long manufacturing heritage (many apparel companies succeed in the past) and the city’s good acclaimed design schools, the idea was to have a place that used the resources and opportunities available in Athens to help aspiring local fashion designers build sustainable businesses that can compete in the local, in the European and why not, in the global fashion industry. This was the inspiration and the AFBI “The Fashion Gate” was born.